Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goddess Chamunda Devi

Goddess Chamunda Devi is a Shakti shrine dedicated to Goddess Kali in her wrathful avatar (form) of Chamunda Devi.

Chamunda is a little station on the Pathankot-Jogindernagar narrow gauge railway track. There’s the Chamunda Devi Temple here, right on the banks of the Baner River. It is also a pretty picnic spot with a good view of the mountains, the Baner Khad (khad means hillside) and the Pathiar and Lahl forests.

Goddess Chamunda Devi Photo

Goddess Chamunda Devi Statue

Chamunda Devi Picture

Closeup Photo Chamunda Devi

Chamunda Devi Temple Image

Mata Chamunda Devi Wallpaper

Chamunda Devi Photo

Picture of Chamunda Devi

Chamunda Devi Murti

Wallpaper of Chamunda Devi

Photo of Chamunda Devi

Chamunda Devi Image

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goddess Sita Mata

Goddess Sita was the daughter of Earth and adopted by Janaka, the king of Mithila, and his wife Sunayana. Goddess Sita was the Wife of Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya. The Goddess Sita was twins son, and named them Lav and Kush. Sita is a brave woman of extraordinary brilliance.

Accordingly, she is known by many names. Such as Janaki, Sita, Janak Nandini, Maithili, Vaidehi, Vandevi, Dhartiputri.

Goddess Sita strongly emphasizes the feminine power and that was pretty evident through her every action, reaction in her long and arduous life. She is seen as a symbol of power inspire by every female.

Goddess Sita & God Rama Picture

Goddess Sita and Son Lav & Kush Photo

Mata Sita and Rama Wallpaper

Sita Mata and Lav Kush Image

Photo of Mata Sita and Rama

Sita Devi Picture

Wallpaper of Ram and Sita Mata

Goddess Sita Mata Photo

Statue of Rama and Sita

Sita Devi Statue

Picture of Sita Mata and Rama

Maa Sita and Ram Photo

Son Lav Kush and Sita Mata Image

Mata sita and Rama Wallpaper

Photo of Rama and Sita Mata

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Goddess Sati Mata

Goddess Sati was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati a rich and so powerful king. Goddess Sati was the first wife of God Shiva.

Daksha Prajapati has a very big yagyas. He didn’t invite Shiva and Sati. Sati asked Shiva to come along. Shiva said we are not invited. She said one doesn’t need invitation to one’s father place. So Sati went there uninvited along with Shiva. There Daksha prajapati didn’t honor Shiva at all. When Sati reminded him of it, he ridiculed Shiva. Sati is said to have jumped in the yagya agni out of indignance. When he saw this, the infuriated Shiva pulled out a jata (a braid of his hair) from his head, smacked it on the ground and out from this place sprang many demons who ransacked the yagna of Daksha.

Then Shiva carried Sati's ashes on his shoulder for eons and wandered across universe. Theworld was terrorized from this Tandava Nritya and to stop thedevastating penance, Vishnu used his Sudarshan chakra and completely cut up Sati's body in severalpieces. Wherever her body parts fell, a temple was erected tocommemorate different manifestations of Shiva and Parvati and becamea Hindu pilgrimage. They are called Sakti Pithas. Thesetemples are scattered from present day Pakistan to India to Sri Lankato Bangladesh. Sati is also called Shakti.

Mata Sati & God Shiva Photo

Devi Sati and Shiva Picture

Sati Devi Ling Image

Shiva and Mata Sati Wallpaper

Photo of Mata Sati Devi Temple

Statue of Mata Sati and Shiva

Mata Sati Devi Pindi Image

Picture of Devi Sati and Shiva

Devi Sati and Dev Shiva Image

Picture of Mata Sati and Shiva

Rani Sati Devi Mata Wallpaper

Mata Sati and Shiva Picture

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goddess Gayatri Devi

Goddess Gayatri Maa is mother of veda (antient science), Gayatri Maa is Brahma, Gayatri Maa is Vishnu, Gayatri Maa is Mahesh (originator and controlling,maintaining this universe).

Gayatri is the name of one of the most important Vedic hymns consisting of twenty-four syllables. This hymn is addressed to Lord Surya (Sun) as the Maa Gayatri is the supreme power of the universe according to the Hindu mythology she has been described a goddess with four arms having kamandulu (the gold pot), garland of beads, lotus and the book (the symbol of knowledge) She has hens as its carrier which is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. The hymn says, "We meditate on that glorious light of the divine Surya, may he, the lord of light illuminate our minds".

Gayatri Mantra

OM Bhur Bhuvah Svah, Tat Savitur Varenyam, Bhargo Devasva Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat.

Goddess Gayatri Devi Photo

Marbal Murti of Gayatri Maa Image

Picture of Gayatri Maa

Bronze Statue of Gayatri Maa

Gayatri Devi Wallpaper

Photo of Gayatri Mata

Image of Gayatri Maa

Statue of Gayatri Mata

Wallpaper of Gayatri Devi

Gayatri Visha Yantra of Photo

Gayatri Maa picture

Image of Gayatri Mata

Murti of Gayatri Maa Photo

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